Commercial art.
Big Photoshop Course from 0 to PRO
The first in-depth video tutorial on Adobe Photoshop from the Deskills team. 8 years of unique experience in one big video course. A unique system for fast sketching of art, and the correct work with collage. The niche of commercial art in this style is free, have time to be the first among the top designers!
It doesn't matter which side you choose
You can draw skin, hair with a computer mouse or graphics tablet. In the course, I show in detail how to work with a graphics tablet and a mouse
Course content
1 Step – Beginning
1.1. Creating the file
1.2. Working with brushes
1.3. Mouse operation (without tablet)

2 Step – Preparing a photo
2.1. Working with the gigapixel program
2.2. Working with plastic
2.3. Color correction and noise reduction

3 Step – art processing
The course content is very large, more than 60 stages, so you can get the course content by email.
Advantages of the course
If you have a graphics tablet, you can go through almost the whole course without using a computer mouse
You don't have to buy a graphics tablet, I additionally show you how to draw skin, light, hair with a computer mouse
You get a free bonus lesson on working with clients
You can take the course at any appropriate time for you
You will get full access to the course right after payment
Course overcame moderation and published on Gumroad
It is possible to release free video annotations for those who have bought the course
The niche of commercial art in this style is free
Convenient and secure payment method through the Gumroad service. Supports credit, debit cards, Apple pay, and Google Pay
Small course price for 8 years of experience
The ability to work remotely anywhere in the world
Easy monetization of art (but there are specific features that few people know about)
An opportunity to become a successful commercial artist
Ability to learn up to 90% of the basic functionality of Adobe Photoshop
The course is relevant for 2022
You will get unique designer brushes for working with skin and hair
Technical support for the course. We process any questions on WhatsApp
We will create 2 different artworks, after which you can work with almost any composition
The well-developed course structure is suitable for both beginners and professionals
I give an additional bonus lesson on working with clients for those who buy the course before 03/25/21
I'll show you how to completely and quickly change the lighting in a composition. This method is useful in working with clients when the client asks to change the color of the lighting in the art. These are the most common client edits. You will also receive a lot of other very important information. A free bonus lesson comes with the course until 03/25/21 Have time to purchase the full course!
Pay for access to the course now while the promotion is valid. End of promotion:
You can watch the course and start practicing at any convenient time. The course will always be available on Gumroad.
Convenient payment and receiving a course from PC and mobile devices.
Supports payment via debit, credit cards, Apple pay, and Google Pay.
The most successful art designers will have the opportunity to work with me and my clients.
For cooperation write me whatsapp: +77777777
Buy the course and join!
become a professional in the world of photo editing in photoshop
Learn how to professionally edit photos and create amazing art
No, I teach my students from scratch.